Zydeco Showdown To Make A Win

Baton Rouge, LA- After ending last week with a loss from Zydeco, they are trying to get their fourth win in a row against the Mississippi Seawolves. The Baton Rouge Zydeco played the Mississippi Seawolves on Thursday. Leading Zydeco to win the game with a miraculous third period. 

Baton Rouge Zydeco had an aggressive start with the shots taken for the first period. Zydeco’s goalie John Moriarty shut down goal attempts. The Seawolves gained a power play advantage, and as soon as they started, Lucas Hellad scored, forcing them to take the lead. As the period ended, Zydeco gained a power play with a 2 man advantage.

During the 2nd period, Zydeco started with their remaining time from the power play but were unable to score. Zydeco’s Curtis Hansen tied the game, scoring to make it even. Zydeco's second power-play goal came from Scott Shorrock. Giving them the advantage, but they were not able to hold the lead. With less than a minute left, the Seawolves scored made by Joe Pace Jr.

For the final period, Zydeco scored within the first 30 seconds. Noah Robinson scored to advance the score to 3-2. The penalties escalated in the third period after a shot was taken to the Zydeco net players collided with the Zydeco goalie. The Seawolves obtained a power play after the fight but did not score. Noah Hippolyte-Smith gave Zydeco a two-point advantage. Narek Aleksanyan scored making Zydeo gain another point. Thomas McGuire followed with another Zydeco power play goal. The final goal of the game came from Zydeoc’s Tyler Larwood. Zydeco made 5 goals in the last period winning the game. 

Zydeco’s next game is tomorrow April 12 in the Raising Cane's River Center. They will play the Mississippi Seawolves at 7:30 p.m.