Zydeco Release Season Ticket Form Ahead of Renewals

As the Zydeco staff prepare for renewals to begin at the game on March 29, they have a few updates to streamline the process:

  • Pre-fill out your form below to get out of line and back to the action! You will not be able to get in line until you have completed this form. Only fill out the portions highlighted in yellow, Zydeco staff will take it from there! 
  • The Raising Cane's River Center will open their doors on St. Louis Street next to the West Garage 30 minutes early on Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30 for our staff to get renewals started.
    • Friday, March 29 - DOOR TIME: 6:00 PM
    • Saturday, March 30 - DOOR TIME: 5:30 PM
  • Do you have any questions prior to Friday? Call (225) 515-PUCK during Wed-Fri 10am-3pm or email



    • Renewals will begin March 29, 2024, at the game vs Mississippi Seawolves at the Raising Cane’s River Center.
    • To confirm your renewal, a deposit of $50 per seat will be required and you will need to notify your salesperson if you’d like to keep the same seats or attend Select-A-Seat for new seats.
    • Priority numbers will be given out based on when you placed your deposit.
    • Renewals will close on June 3.
    • 50% of the balance will be due June 1.
    • If you renew on June 1-3, you will need to pay your deposit, plus 50% of the remaining balance.
    • 50% of the balance (remaining owed) will be due September 1.