Baton Rouge LA- The Baton Rouge Zydeco hosted the Carolina Thunderbirds on Thursday night resulting in a 5-3 score led by new head coach Everett Thompson resulting in a Zydeco win

Starting in the 1st period, Dawson Baker of the Carolina Thunderbirds opened the scoring with the game's first shot. Edgars Ozolinsh of Baton Rouge Zydeco took a shot at Tucker Firth of the Thunderbirds after the point. Ozolinsh faced penalties with Thunderbirds Firth following the play. Tyler Larwood then scored for Zydeco in a 1-1 standing. Seconds later, the Thunderbirds scored twice for a 3-1 lead. Zydeco’s MJ Graham scored with 3 minutes left in the period for a 3-2 stand. Jake Cox scored shortly after Graham making Zydeco and the Thunderbirds into a 3-3 end for the first period. 

The tempers continued in the 2nd period with attacking zone faceoffs and stops made. A backdoor pinch made by MJ Graham led the Zydeco to take the lead for the first time in the period. On the Zydeco power plays they were 0 for 2. The Zydeco were unable to take advantage of the powerplay. Zydeco holds the lead going into the 3rd period. 

In the 3rd period, the Zydeco struggled defensively by giving up goals but led in shots taken. The Thunderbirds had penalties early in the period resulting in two players being escorted off the ice. Zydeco’s Noah Hippolyte-Smith scored the final goal for Zydeco Baton Rouge who won against the Carolina Thunderbirds. 

The Baton Rouge Zydeco will play the Carolina Thunderbirds again on Friday night at 7:30 for game two in the Raising Cane’s River Center.