Zydeco Double Down: A Back-to-Back Triumph

Baton Rouge LA- In the Raising Cane's River Center the Baton Rouge Zydeco played the Mississippi Sea Wolves Saturday night and Zydeco secured a back-to-back win ending the game with a 3-2 score.

For the 1st period, The Mississippi Sea Wolves struck first with a 1-nothing lead made by Dalton Anderson. A Zydeco turnover was stopped by the Sea Wolves goalie shutting down Curtis Hansen of the Zydeco. Scott Shorrock of Baton Rouge scored the power play goal evening the score to 1-1. With seconds left in the period Zydeco scores once more by Curtis Hansen.

Tensions heightened as a fight broke out in center ice ending the period. 

During the 2nd period, the Mississippi Sea Wolves scored halfway. The goal made by the Sea Wolves Dmitry Kuznetsov evened the score. Many penalties followed in this period varying from holding penalties from Zydeco, and game misconduct from the Sea Wolves. The score remained a tie going into the last period. 

In the 3rd period, there were many Zydeco penalties. Both teams attempted shots, but both goalies continued to shut it down. With 4 minutes to go Tyler Larwood of Zydeco got his ninth goal. Making the Zydeco advantage 3-2 winning the game. 

The Zydeco's next game is Sunday, March 31st and they will play the Mississippi Sea Wolves in the Raising Cane's River Center.