The Epic Finale For Zydeco's First Season

Baton Rouge, LA - To conclude the regular season for Zydeco they played the Mississippi Seawolves. After a Zydeco win yesterday, Zydeco secured another win, making this their sixth win against the Seawolves in a row. 

After a Mississippi Seawolves power play, Zydeco's Bradley Richarson scored with an assist from Narek Aleksanyan for the first period. After some penalties for both teams, Zydeco had a minute remaining on their power play. They got their first power-play goal of the night because of a setup made by Nick Ketola and Aleksanyan. Which allowed Scott Shorrock to score his first goal of the night.  

In the heated second period, the fights between these two escalated creating penalties. The shots taken by Zydeco continuously got shot down by the Seawolves goalie. The Seawolves still needed to score during the game but were not able to succeed. Zydeco is leading in the shots taken with 18, while the Seawolves have taken 9. The period had no scores from either team. 

For the final period, the Seawolves Lucas Helland scored making the score 2-1. As Zydeco started with their power play the Seawolves scored a short-handed goal from Danny Liscio. As Zydeco’s power play ended Curtis Hansen scored making the score 3-2. As Curtis Hansen made the winning goal the crowd was electric. 

Zydeco’s final game had an epic conclusion and they were able to win their last game this season. Their final standings are (15-36-4-1-0) and 51 pts. Zydeco will be back in the fall to continue for their second season.