Homecoming Mashup for Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge LA- Saturday night the Carolina Thunderbirds played Baton Rouge Zydeco for the final game of the weekend ending with a 3-1 Zydeco win.   

The 1st period started with many shots taken by both teams. With a backhand shot to the net, the Thunderbirds scored with a 1-nothing lead by Carolinas Dawson Baker. Leaving Zydeco trailing at the start of the game.

During the 2nd period, there was an early Zydeco power play, but they were not able to use this to their advantage. With a backdoor shot from Zydeco's Nick Ketola, making this his first career goal, ties the game. After a major penalty, Zydeco had a five-on-three penalty advantage. 

Early in the 3rd period Zydeco used the power play to gain a lead against the Thunderbirds. The Zydeco’s Scott Shorrock scored making the Thunderbirds trail for the first time in the game. The intensity rose when Bradley Richardson from Zydeco scored to make an upset for the Thunderbirds. Shortly after, gloves and sticks were flying as a fight broke out. 

Carolinas Kalib Gus Ford was sent off for abusing the officials. Officials had many calls to distribute after a heated fight creating a power play for the Carolina Thunderbird. A face-off to end led Austin Webber to get an empty net goal to win the game. 

Baton Rouge Zydeco’s next game is away against the Mississippi Seawolves on March 8th. This makes Zydeco's ninth win of the season.