Baton Rouge Zydeco releases City Connect jerseys for bid

In a thrilling display of local pride and cultural celebration, the Baton Rouge Zydeco are set to hit the ice tonight adorned in specialty jerseys that pay homage to the rich imagery and traditions of Baton Rouge. These one-of-a-kind jerseys are brought to you by Capitol City Produce and showcase iconic symbols and landmarks specific to the vibrant city, serving as a visual testament to the team's deep connection with their community. These jerseys not only reflect the team's commitment to Baton Rouge's roots but also create a unique and memorable experience for fans.

Adding to the excitement, the game-worn jerseys will be made available for bidding starting at 8:30 pm tonight. Fans and collectors alike will have the opportunity to own a piece of Baton Rouge Zydeco history, with all proceeds contributing to the team's community initiatives and charitable endeavors. The online auction platform, accessible at, provides a convenient avenue for enthusiasts to participate in the bidding war and secure a cherished memento that encapsulates the fusion of sports, culture, and community spirit.