Baton Rouge Zydeco Announces Re-Signing of Team Captain Edgars Ozolinsh

The Baton Rouge Zydeco is thrilled to announce the re-signing of our esteemed team captain, Ozolinsh. As we look forward to the upcoming season, the return of our veteran leader brings renewed hope and excitement to the team.


Reflecting on last year's performance, it was clear that the team showed significant improvement towards the end of the season. "I believe Ozolinsh's leadership on and off the ice was one of the many things that helped us build momentum," said head coach Everett Thompson. "Ozo's experience for this league is one of one. Experience and leadership at this level are vital, and he crosses off both boxes. We will be excited to get our captain back on the ice in the fall."

Entering his 11th year of professional hockey, Ozolin's extensive experience continues to be an invaluable asset to the Zydeco. Last season, he played 38 games, contributing 4 assists and finishing second on the team in total penalty minutes (PIM), demonstrating his relentless commitment and physical presence on the ice. 


As we prepare for the fall, the entire Baton Rouge Zydeco community eagerly anticipates the return of our captain. With Ozolinsh leading the charge, we are confident in building on last year's progress and striving for even greater success in the upcoming season.