Baton Rouge Zydeco: A Melody of Louisiana's Rich Culture Hits the Hockey Scene

Baton Rouge Zydeco: A Melody of Louisiana's Rich Culture Hits the Hockey Scene


BATON ROUGE, La., Thursday, July 13, 2023 - After receiving an overwhelming response from the community, the management of the newest addition to the hockey world is thrilled to announce the team's name as the Baton Rouge Zydeco. Out of 8,854 submissions in only a two-week period, Zydeco stood out as a true embodiment of Louisiana's vibrant heritage and soulful music.

Zydeco music, deeply rooted in Louisiana's cultural tapestry, traces its origins back to the early 20th century. Combining elements of blues, rhythm and blues, and Creole music, Zydeco's lively accordion-driven melodies and infectious rhythms have become a symbol of celebration and community in the region.

General Manager of the Raising Cane’s River Center Wayne Hodes expressed his excitement, saying, "We wanted a name that truly represents the spirit and energy of both Baton Rouge and Louisiana, and Zydeco captures that essence perfectly. This team will bring the exciting sport of hockey to the capital city while also offering affordable entertainment in an exhilarating environment for the fans."

Team Owner Barry Soskin emphasized the importance of preserving Louisiana's cultural heritage, stating, "By choosing the name Zydeco, we are honoring the rich history and traditions that have shaped Louisiana’s community. We believe in creating a sports team that not only excels on the ice but also reflects the unique culture and spirit of Baton Rouge."

Season ticket sales for the Baton Rouge Zydeco are now open, starting at just $336 for the full regular season of 28 home games. To reserve your spot in line to select your seats, a $50 deposit per seat is required. Fill out the form at

The Select a Seat date will be announced soon, allowing fans to choose their preferred seating arrangements. The arena capacity will be 7,750 in its hockey configuration.

Stay connected with the Baton Rouge Zydeco on social media to catch all the latest updates and exclusive content. Follow the Baton Rouge Zydeco on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and TikTok @BatonRougeZydeco and on Twitter @BRZydeco.

Join us as we embark on this thrilling journey to unite Louisiana's culture and the thrilling world of hockey with the Baton Rouge Zydeco!


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