Baton Rouge Pro Hockey Partners with Field Pass Hockey

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA – Baton Rouge Pro Hockey is extremely proud to announce a new partnership with Field Pass Hockey ( that will provide first class coverage of the new venture here in the Capital City.

Field Pass Hockey has been the ultimate source for minor league hockey reporting in the last few years as they have covered ECHL and SPHL power rankings, transactions for ECHL and SPHL, and game by game coverage throughout the minors. With a new market like Baton Rouge on the precipice of hockey coming back Baton Rouge Pro Hockey is excited to align with such an organization.

Field Pass and Baton Rouge Pro Hockey put a stamp on their partnership on January 2nd, when the Mississippi Sea Wolves take on the Port Huron Prowlers in the Capital City. While both teams will wear their colors they will wear commemorative jerseys that will be available for fans to bid and win that will see the Field Pass logo emblazoned on the chest.

Don’t forget to download the DASH app for a chance to bid on one of these beautiful jerseys and keep your eye on Field Pass Hockey on Facebook, Twitter (@FieldPassHockey), Instagram (@FieldPassHockey), and on their website